Re-Designing American Education: thoughts from a teacher for parents who are becoming teachers overnight

We need to share what’s working. Perhaps that was my point all along in starting this essay… we as teachers and parents and students, as schools and districts and states, we as a nation need to collaborate. The first time you learn to write your name it is messy, sometimes you forget some of the letters, it’s hard to hold the crayon but with practice, with trial and error, you eventually get it. We may fail at first and that is okay. Teachers work with this idea all year long. Have faith in the process of learning. It is a process. Making mistakes and failing are the parts of learning that make it feel so good when we finally get it right. Sometimes trying is good enough. We won’t learn anything if we don’t.

All-In-One Puppy Spray

Voila! #AllergicToEverything allergen-free pet recipe: All-In-One Puppy Spray.  A DIY recipe to stop itching, deodorize, detangle, condition, and calm your pup.


Food makes memories.  It connects us.  My food is made to bring us together, not separate us.  I was inspired to make food my friends wouldn’t know was missing allergens.  I wanted to share dinner without discussing how we’d managed to share a meal. #AllergicToEverything – A Book For Food Allergy Collectors

Food Allergy Resources

I’ve tried tons of makeup, combed hundreds upon hundreds of blogs, and read thousands of labels to create this list. AND in honor of Food Allergy Awareness Month, I wanted to finally write a post focused on some of the life-based food allergy resources I use to manage my food allergies!

Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

Yoga mat cleaning spray is as simple as it gets. The first time I made this was with a group of my students.  We had a scent-off contest to see who could make the best concoction. 

Kickstarter Video Shoot

Kickstarter video shoot was yesterday ?!! The shoot fell on the anniversary of my grandma Donna’s death, my mom’s birthday, and on the super moon. Pretty special day. Could not have done it without @lautomatique and my amazing friends who hiked out to...

First Full Draft!

First full draft of #AllergicToEverything, minus the appendix, complete. Next comes the #kickstarter. Baking at Midgie’s circa 1989. (at Temescal, Oakland, California)

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