What Kept Me From Myself

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What Kept Me From Myself
Painting by Jessica Gray Schipp

What kept me from myself This is about emerging from the darkest time in my life. It’s about looking hard at myself, my life, my family and realizing how lost I’d become. Buried underneath the paint are letters to my sister, my ex, pictures of myself, affirmations, painted over slowly as I worked through the process of finding myself alone again, starting over. My mother gave me an article which is the first thing that went onto the canvas, entitled, “What Kept Me From Killing Myself.” She gave it to me because it was about someone who used to live in an apartment building I shared – I could not see past the title. Halfway through the painting, which is still a work in progress and evolving, I realized the title of the article was the name of the piece, minus the word “killing.” For the record, I’ve never been suicidal. As I paint she feels, I feel, lighter. The eye contact haunted me but as I continue to work with her she softens, becoming more lovable, because of her experiences. 36×24″ acrylic painting and mixed media collage on canvas Painting Acryclic + Mixed Media 2018


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October 28, 2018

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