Self Portrait

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Self Portrait
Painting by Jessica Gray Schipp

nude with affirmation Self Portrait I often work with photos and photocopies in various ways when I paint, looking for the light and the details. I drew an affirmation from my jar and my puppy got ahold of it. She chewed off just enough to remove the reference to the past, leaving the words “embrace the present.” I pulled it out of her mouth and looked at it and I smiled. I tossed it onto my desk and it landed on this image I’d been working within my paintings. I looked down and realized It was the last piece, the end of this portfolio. It was the way to show the inside of my work, myself, my practice, my process. In my final work, I am exposed, vulnerable, ready and willing. 4×5.5″ paper and photocopy collage paper and photocopy collage 2018


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November 11, 2018

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