Mr. Right vs. Filbert & Hyde, 2013

Mr. Right vs. Filbert & Hyde, 2013
Painting by Jessica Gray Schipp

Sf line drawing Mr. Right vs. Filbert & Hyde I made this just after moving to California. The first place I lived was at the corner of Filbert and Hyde in San Francisco. I’d driven cross-country with only what could fit in my car. I was researching the human form and paper dolls at the time. I was trying to understand myself while being submerged in the unfamiliar. Wondering how I fit into this new place, filling “myself” up with the Bay Bridge, the streetcar wires, contemplating what was to come. Until this time I’d lived within 90 miles from my family, my home, my friends – and now I was 3,500 miles away, alone. 12×15″ / 7×13″ paper, pencil, photocopy collage, cardboard, washi tape, repurposed frame Drawing 2013 (2014)


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January 28, 2014

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