This is one thing I CAN do. So I am sewing and shipping, one batch at a time for the people I love.

#AllergicToEverything Covid19 Face Masks | Mommy & Me Set
Pleated Front Covid19 Face Masks
Filter Pocket, 4 Layers of Fabric, Fabric Ties Covid19 Face Masks
Soft and breathable Covid19 Face Masks
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Groceries shopping look from yesterday. Been trying out many styles of masks: N95, the ones I am sewing, N95 under the one I am sewing, coffee filter in the one I am sewing, a ski mask, scarfs. My thoughts are this: like shoes, I choose my mask for the occasion. 🤍MASKS BY ACTIVITY •For groceries and errands I feel safest in my home sewn mask with a coffee filter inserted. I can breathe easier than combing it with the N95. It fits flush to my skin. It stay on my head and doesn’t budge until I untie it. When driving to errands I keep the bottom strapped ties in place and before getting out of my car I tie to top strap. I keep it on until I get home. •For exercise, I like my ski mask – I can keep it around my neck and pull it up when I see a person ahead. I make sure i pinch from the middle so I get at least two layers of fabric over my nose and mouth. •Scarfs, unless you really try to tie them to your head they shift a lot. I do not think a falling mask or a mask you constantly have to adjust is smart (too much fidgeting and touching when in germy areas = germs on your mask from your hands). •In high risk situations or around high risk people, I wear the N95 under my home sewn mask. If I did not have an N95, I would increase the # of coffee filters and possibly add another homemade mask atop the first one. And wear glasses. 🤍 MASK ORDERS I am still making masks and taking orders. I’m now using four layers of fabric and each mask has a slot for inserting filters. If I can accommodate special requests, I will. Elastic options coming soon. But in all honesty in my experience, the ties are more comfortable to wear for errands. Will be posting closeups of my last batch of masks shortly (if you are seeing this on IG, see my @boaatt account for the closeups). If you need a mask, DM me. I’m shipping batches weekly. We are all in this together. #allergictoeverything #flattenthecurve

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Customizable Adult and Kid sizes | Covid19 Face Masks
Schipping Kit Covid19 Face Masks for Food Allergy Collectors and the people who love them! #AllergicToEverything (@hashtagallergic) (@boaatt)
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Before I left school I decided to look inside my “go bag” for emergencies. I found one N95. If you know me, you know I am #allergictoeverything and have an immune system built from shit due to years of steroid use to control my asthma and allergies. It’s hard to breathe using the N95, let alone under the fabric. But hard to breathe has been my life. And now I just think of our frontline, struggling to breathe as they lean over patients they are trying to help breathe. We are all fighting to breathe. May we all get through this with as few losses as humanly possible. I am doing my part. I #stayathome. When I must get food, I will wear my masks not only to protect me, but to protect you. #flattenthecurve and keep it fucking flat. 🌕 And regardless of what the President is willing to mandate – we should all wear masks, scarfs, bandanas, anything in the hopes to slow this thing down. A barrier is better than nothing. To all the nurses in my life, god bless you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🙏🏻 • • Want to MAKE YOUR OWN? My pattern and tips are all listed below. I am not a professional but I did do extensive research and tried multiple styles. This one is beginner friendly and backed by doctors and hospitals. • MASK PATTERN I USED Suggested by Kaiser for health facilities if the shortage comes down to homemade masks on the frontline. FABRIC USE 100% cotton. I used pillow cases, almost everyone I owned was 100% cotton- check the labels. FILTERS If you do not have an N95 to wear, you can add filters (or a pocket for filters). Suggested filters include vacuum bags, even coffee filters will add *some* protection. MASK CARE **IMPORTANT** Make multiple masks. You must wash / sanitize them thoroughly after EVERY use. MASK WEARING Should be skin tight, flush against your face. You can add wire or pipe cleaners to the top. PATTERN How to make a face mask/ Using just 1 piece of fabric! (Kaiser mask VIDEO) (kaiser mask step by step) • • • #covidfacemask #facemaskhomemade #diyfacemask #covid19

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Home-sewn Covid19 Face Masks for Food Allergy Collectors and the people who love them! #AllergicToEverything (@hashtagallergic) (@boaatt)
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