#AllergicToEverything Testimonials

A Testimonial from Alisha.  The woman who saved my life.


See Alisha’s original testimonial on Facebook.  

Testimonials from the people who know my food and my book.


TESTIMONIALS ON YOUTUBE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCwlM2Y4wD4&list=PLbAiWP2A5pMiq2KXkfxE1F34g2xasNFv_

Meet Jess

Jessica Gray Schipp is the author of #AllergicToEverything®, a one-stop cookbook of recipes and lifestyle hacks for food allergy collectors (people with multiple food allergies), anyone living with chronic autoimmune diseases, and the people who love them. Originally an East Coaster from Arlington, VA, Jess is also a teacher, writer, artist, and entrepreneur living in Oakland, CA.



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