Jessica Gray Schipp

Jessica Gray Schipp

High School Teacher, Artist, Writer, Obsessive Documentor & Organizer of Things

Jess is a teacher, writer, artist, and entrepreneur living in Alexandria, VA after relocating back home from her beloved Oakland, CA. 

Born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Jessica Gray Schipp, grew up with seasonal allergies that affected her well-being. She later learned she had multiple food allergies responsible for much of her suffering. After decades of struggling with day-to-day activities, mitigating the unbearable side effects from the medications she was prescribed, and struggling with the nagging fear of never knowing how her body would treat her on any given day – Jess said, “enough” and created #AllergicToEverything®. After several years of testing and incorporating whole-food based ingredients into her life, a cookbook was born. 


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Jess is a high school teacher, food allergy collector, writer, artist, and entrepreneur living in Alexandria, VA.

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